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Japan Itenary 2024

Japan Itenary 2024

Tips for planning your Japan travels:

  • book your flights early (unless you are a last minute person), I use
  • book your accommodation early to have more options available, I use
  • start booking tickets for the things you want to do and visit as they might book out fast
  • check opening times and don’t rely on google maps for that
  • some places might be closed on Mondays and many places do not open before 10am
  • using a luggage delivery service from the airport to your stay is a great option
  • use and e-sim or a portable wi-fi, my current choice for e-sims is
  • choose your backpack wisely if you want to travel Japan outside and around Toyo and other Japanese cities, see this post for how to choose a backpack
  • I will share more tips about visiting Ghibli Park, teamlab, and travelling around in Japan with more tips and suggestion
Bangkok by Cab/Taxi or Bike with Driver

Bangkok by Cab/Taxi or Bike with Driver

The asian equivalent to Uber is Grab. And Grab doesn’t only let you order a cab/taxi. You can also order a bike (and yes there is a driver with this bike), you just hop on the back. It costs from Ratchathewi shopping malls district to Khaosan Road 35 Baht, a Grab cab/taxi would be 140 Baht. This is a cheap option for anyone who feels comfortable on a bike in the crazy Bangkok traffic, especially since there is no helmet for the guest.

(Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash)

Bangkok by boat

Bangkok by boat

Another option that is totally worth checking out is the boats that run in the canals. Fares depend on the length on your journey (I paid 9.50 Baht from the Ratchathewi district with all the shopping malls to stop Phanfa Bridge which is a 10 min walk from Khaosan Road). You might have to walk from and to the boat stop a bit. However, considering the crazy traffic jams in Bangkok you might be even with that bit of walking quicker.

(Photo by Frida Aguilar Estrada on Unsplash)

Bus from Bangkok Airport

Bus from Bangkok Airport

You can get for 60 baht in the air-conditioned S1 bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to the old quarter, backpacker hub Khaosan Road and the Sanam Luang royal field, it takes 45-60 minutes to get there.
Once you exit from the baggage claim hall into the arrivals hall go to floor 1 (BKK has 4 floors) and gate 7, where the S1 bus picks up passengers. Usually, there is staff outside holding a sign that says S1 Khaosan Road. You cross two zebra crossings and should see a yellow-orange US schoolbus alike bus.
Buses run every half hour between 6 am and 8 pm. Visit Transitbangkok Website Bangkok bus line S1. Or watch the video below from the Amazing Thailand Youtube Channel:

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