Having cash and important documents is all that matters while travelling.
I once didn’t check if I have all the travel essentials and it could have gone really wrong. Last years I had just arrived in Siem Reap and had to fill out a visa application. Sadly, I didn’t consider checking for passport photos and cash to pay for the visa. There I was in the arrival hall trying to figure out if I burst into a full panic attack. And trying to stay calm and think of other options. I decided to calm down and reminded myself what t the worst that could happen would be. It was that I have to fly back and lose money and time for my laziness. Once I calmed down I remembered that I had a briefcase filled with important documents and other things. And there it was! Passport photos I had forgotten about and the exact amount of 30 Dollar in cash that I needed to pay for the visa!

Travel essentials are more important than a toothbrush

Make your journey easy for yourself and check for these travel essentials before departing from any destinations:

  • Check the visa requirements of your country of arrival. A great website for thisĀ www.projectvisa.com
  • Apply for e-visa if possible and male sure to do it on time. Learn how much in advance this needs to be done. Don’t delay or you will be delayed on your journey.
  • Carry passport photos with you in your carry on bag.
  • Check how much you need to pay for visa-on-arrival. And always have dollars with you
  • Just in general it is still advisable to carry dollars with you.
  • Don’t be lazy. Even if you don’t like planning ahead as I do, checking requirements of countries you might want to visit is the single most important thing. Even if you don’t visit all of them

(Image by https://unsplash.com/@chrislawton)

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