Tips for planning your Japan travels:

  • book your flights early (unless you are a last minute person), I use
  • book your accommodation early to have more options available, I use
  • start booking tickets for the things you want to do and visit as they might book out fast
  • check opening times and don’t rely on google maps for that
  • some places might be closed on Mondays and many places do not open before 10am
  • using a luggage delivery service from the airport to your stay is a great option
  • use and e-sim or a portable wi-fi, my current choice for e-sims is
  • choose your backpack wisely if you want to travel Japan outside and around Toyo and other Japanese cities, see this post for how to choose a backpack
  • I will share more tips about visiting Ghibli Park, teamlab, and travelling around in Japan with more tips and suggestion