Before I started my travels I considered many possible scenarios that might appear: that I might feel lonely and homesick, miss my family and friends, that I might get stressed about things even if they are tiny, that I might not achieve my goal of letting go and going with the flow as I imagine it, that things might not be as I imagine it and I might not be able to let go of those expectations.
I guess I wanted to be prepared in case I feel lonely or stressed. One of the things that helped me along the journey was my gratitude exercise. I have been pestering people (with good intentions) about this. Whenever I started feeling emotionally low I would saying thank you to all the things, as small as they seem to be, in my life. Usually I would start with my health, family, and name all the things that are helping me on my journey, and yes, I am, grateful for all my tech toys too because they make getting around so much easier. I also keep doing my gratitude exercise when I feel good with myself. I found that I start feeling emotionally low when I look outside of myself and focus on things I don’t have and that are not. So being grateful of all the things that I have and that are brings me back to myself and reminds me how rich my life already is. What are you grateful for?

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